All the News?

The duty of a citizen is to be informed, so I’ve always been told.   I was diligent about it; for most of my adult life, besides reading books, newspapers and magazines were also around.

Like everything else in my life, I’m re-evaluating.  Much as I hate to type these next words, they are true:  Sarah Palin was right, it IS the lamestream media!

Most of the online magazines are pretty bad.  Since when is it journalism to have headlines that are questions?  Seriously.  If the editors are asking the uninformed masses for answers, they are kind of dodging their responsibility, yes?

Perhaps I’ve moved so far outside of the mainstream political and cultural zeitgeist that the delivery systems of mainstream politics and cultural thought are simply trite and boring and irrelevant to me.

Or it could be that publishers are so embedded with the elite that they are simply out of touch with reality.

Or it could be that publishers are employees of large corporations; said corporations want to present the illusion of normalcy and encourage relentless consumption.

Vanity Fair will maintain its obsession with British royalty and too much moneyed people right up until it closes its doors.

Esquire will maintain its adolescent infatuation with tits and ass and overpriced and unnecessary gizmos until the same end.

There is precious little journalism going on at all.  Mostly it’s propaganda for the ruling classes.  The best information to be found on many topics is on the blogs of obsessed people, who just keep digging and digging, unlike the paid professionals today.

Jesus, even Mother Jones did an admiring piece on the green U.S. Navy.  Yep, the same Navy that likes to blast ungodly loud noises into the ocean, just to see what it does to ocean life.  Isn’t that swell?  That might well be the exemplar of green-washing.

The New York Times closed its environment bureau.  Really, what good would it be, anyway?  The storms, the storm surges, the drought, the wildfires, the tree die off, the ocean die off, the oil spills and resulting pollution……..I mean, what use could an environment bureau possibly be in this day and age?

Arctic ice loss is another non-winner.  What’s the point, anyway?  I’ve never seen the Arctic.  Never been there.  Don’t want to go now.  So what use is it?  It makes no difference to my life.

It’s really the same thing with the animals being driven to extinction.  Polar bears are not something I see every day.  Neither are elephants, nor any of the large predators being killed daily.  So how can I miss them when they are gone?  Not that we’ll hear about it from the lamestream media.

I was in my teens during Watergate.  I watched that story break, admired Woodward and Bernstein, and wanted to be a journalist when I grew up.  Even as that dream died, I was an avid consumer of news.

I subscribed to our local rag well beyond any heyday it might have had.  With a new editor, a new Christian editor, it’s become something even birds won’t take a dump on.  The website that gives the content away for free isn’t any better.  The mobile app for the local news keeps me up to date on any knifings, shootings, crime committed on the street, but I’m blissfully unaware of any white collar crime that might be happening.  As it should be, no doubt.

I’ll hit the Huffington Post to check the headlines, but jesus, does anyone with any brainwaves left really care about (insert flavor of the month here)?  It reminds me of high school, where everyone is whispering about everyone else, and occasionally a flame war will break out……like that matters……like that is important.  Biggest purveyor of bread and circuses out there.

I used to read Salon and Slate, too, but just can’t choke down all of the crap (and questioning headlines) that they post.  The Atlantic lost me with their recent story about how life on Mars will be.  When you start laughing as you bring a magazine into the house from the mailbox that is not a good sign.

In short, all the news that is fit to print is about celebrities and “fights” between celebrities.  The news is about what the latest idiotic thing a politician said, or whatever else might be going on that does not matter.

Have you heard that the State of Indiana is about to pass one of the biggest assaults on free speech ever in the form of an “ag-gag” bill?  This will make it illegal to film or even talk about the cruelty that regularly occurs in our CAFO’s.  I haven’t seen a single story about this in the lamestream media, but at least three states have passed this piece of shit (yes, authored by Big Ag and ALEC) legislation.  Indiana is merely the latest.  Another way to feed prisoners to Corrections Corporation of America.

And the tree die-off continues, completely unreported.

That there are still people who watch Fox news on purpose convinces me beyond all doubt that Americans are the stupidest people (among very stupid people) on the planet.

We so deserve what is coming.

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3 Responses to All the News?

  1. Cumma, Cumma, Karma Chamelion says:

    “The starting point is realizing that letting go is not a dramatic moment we build up to some time in the future. It is happening now, in the present moment—it is not singular but ongoing. Letting go is based on our present realization of the reality of impermanence.”

    – Judy Lief, “Letting Go”

  2. Chris says:

    You could follow tweets from Rick Snyder

  3. The illusion of normalcy says:

    Krishnamurti is often quoted as having said, “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

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