It’s almost official.  The Keystone XL pipeline is going to be “approved”, a nice way of saying rammed down our throats.

After that, the Northern Gateway – Enbridge’s pipeline – guaranteed to leak and pollute Lake Michigan.

After that, who knows?

As Derrick Jensen says, “hope is a longing for a future condition over which you have no agency; it means you are essentially powerless.”  Yessireebob, I was hoping that the hopey-changey president would not approve it.

The American government is no longer even pretending that it exists to protect its people and their interests.  With the NDAA and now the Keystone (along with so many other examples that it would take too long to write, but I’m sure you can think of a few) I believe that the American government has declared war on the American people.

Melodramatic?  Perhaps.  But when the president can disappear you or kill you with no due process, what else can you call it?  It’s treason.  When the government gives a foreign power the right to take private property away from its citizens and to poison the local environment, what else can you call it?

Derrick Jensen is right again when he says that calling our age the Anthropocene – the Age of Man – is hubristic.

“One of the first written myths is that of Gilgamesh deforesting what is now Iraq – cutting down cedar forests so thick the sunlight never touched the ground, all so he could make a great city and, more to the point, so he could make a great name for himself.

The Anthropocene gives no hint to the horrors this culture is inflicting. ‘The Age of Man’? Oh, that’s nice.  We’re number one, right?  Instead, the name must be horrific, it must produce shock and shame and outrage commensurate with the atrocity of killing the planet.  It must call us to differentiate ourselves from this culture, to show that this label and this behavior do not belong to us.  It must call us to show that we do not serve it.  It must call us to say and mean, “Not one more Indigenous culture driven from its land, and not one more species driven extinct.

If we’re going to name this age, let’s at least be honest and accurate.  Can I suggest ‘The Age of the Sociopath’?”

I’m comfortable with that.  I’m getting more and more comfortable with calling things by their true name.

Native Americans recognized this behavior, this illness, this desire to eat the earth and cause harm to the earth’s inhabitants – they called those sickened with this disease wetikos.  They did not allow wetiko people to live.  They put them down, for the good of all of earth’s creatures.

Here in civilization, we give these people money, status and power.

I will no longer honor this system.  I will no longer be polite.  These wetikos amongst us must be identified and start facing consequences for their actions.  They must be called what they are:  sociopaths/cannibals/wetikos.  And they must be dealt with before they kill the earth and us.  They do not deserve respect because they have none.  They do not deserve honor because they have none.  They do not deserve mercy, because they have none.  These men, and they are nearly all white men, deserve nothing from us who will be their targets.  They show no mercy, no empathy, no compassion in the pursuit of profits.

We all know who they are.  They are the one percent, the banksters, the technocrats, the tycoons and industrialists and the politicians who work for them.

If there is any possibility of avoiding Near Term Extinction, drastic action must be taken quickly.

We all must do what we can.  If I worked anywhere in the military/industrial complex, I’d be thinking sabotage.  If I knew anything about explosives, I’d be thinking about targets and access.

As a middle aged, law-abiding member of the middle class, I have some ideas about how I can contribute.

If everyone everywhere who is disgusted with the one percent’s rape and pillage of the earth started to think about how they could fuck up the system on purpose, how long would the center hold?

It deserves, at the very least, some serious thought.


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3 Responses to Sociuspaethocene

  1. Chris says:

    Why then is the battery co. In holland mi. Still not making batteries? Oh right, we will not accept alternatives to oil. Can we drink it?

  2. This is very good. In the movie “The Corporation” they made a case for sociopathic behavior being an inherent quality of corporations. I believe it. It seems that this society is just “Me, Now!!!” Nothing else matters.

  3. How to Spot a Sociopath says:

    Besides lying politicians (of either gender or any race) a helpful reference for identifying sociopaths can be found here:

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