Justice My Ass, Again

I have received a jury summons for March.

It says: “Failure to appear as directed can result in a fine, imprisonment, or both for contempt of court.”

Then, underneath that, in a smaller font, it says: “Remember, jury service is a vital function of democracy and it is crucial that the jury pool be representative of the entire community.”


I plan on showing up.  I do not think I will be selected for any jury.

I haven’t served, or even been summoned since 1987.  We heard an arson case then and convicted the woman.  It was kind of a no-brainer, but I held out a while in the jury room because I didn’t like the prosecutor and I especially didn’t like the cop who sat next to him.  I guess justice was done when we convicted her but I took no pleasure in it.

Today, I doubt I’d vote to convict anyone of any property crime or non-violent drug crime regardless of the evidence.  The entire judicial system is so compromised that I cannot in good conscience participate in it.

Who in their right minds would participate in a system that sentences John Kiriakou to two and a half years for blowing the whistle on torture and torturers?  The perps themselves aren’t charged of course, just the guy who revealed the waterboarding.

Bradley Manning isn’t going to get a fair trial (I know, not a surprise to anyone who has followed that case in the slightest) since motive has already been prohibited in his defense.  His brand of patriotism is worthy of torture, whilst Carl Levin’s brand is rewarded.  Defend the Constitution equals bad.  Negate the Constitution equals good.  Anyone else feeling like they are living in the Brave New World??

The group Anonymous is pretty pissed off about Aaron Swartz’s suicide.  Didn’t know the guy, never even heard of him prior to his death, but it sounds like a real loss and the DOJ’s behavior sounds “normal” in this day and age.

Look to the West.  Katherine Olejnik and Matthew Duran have been doing time in FDC Sea Tac since the end of September.  Their crime was not cooperating with a secret grand jury investigation into broken windows in Seattle.   The Black Bloc, a group that self identifies as anarchist, went a little nuts during an otherwise peaceful demonstration and took out some storefront windows.  Well, we all know that crimes against corporations cannot go unpunished, hence the witch-hunt and the subsequent jailings of Kteeo and Matt.  The US Attorney in LA is also prosecuting a couple of young kids for noncooperation.

Corporations, the new and improved human beings, can do whatever the fuck they want with no consequences whatsoever.  Just ask Walter Anderson and Tony Heyward, two mass murderers who are walking around alive and healthy and enjoying their millions.  Regular thieves like Jon Corzine and the rest of Wall Street also enjoy immunity from prosecution.  Corporations can poison water, food, air, whatever in pursuit of money and nothing ever happens to them but profit.

It is very clear to this pair of eyes whom is protecting whom here.  The DOJ is the muscle for the money men.  Regular citizens who try to resist are the problem and they must go to jail.

Really, we must update our symbols.  Lady Liberty should be nuked.  That whole huddled masses thing is just so yesterday.  We don’t want your poor, your tired, your huddled masses if they aren’t white, for gods sake!

And the blindfolded Lady Justice?  Of course the blindfold has to go, but put the Citizen’s United decision onto one side of the scales and watch them tip.

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2 Responses to Justice My Ass, Again

  1. SprinklinThoughts says:

    All part of the mantra of “Full Spectrum Dominance”, in my opinion…

  2. "No justice, no peace" says:

    You’ve exposed them again! The DOJ is just part of the doublespeak of this duplicitous joke of a “democracy”.

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