Election Day…..finally

I went off to do my civic duty; at a place where I’ve voted for several years now. For the first time ever, I was asked for identification. As I am wont to do, I asked if I had to show some. I was told I wasn’t, that I just needed to affirm that I was who I said I was. I did this. Then I handed the paper to someone else, who assured me I needed to show picture I.D. So I pulled out my membership card to our gun club (picture is included) and handed that over. The young guy at the computer was willing to take it, but a very old white man came over and assured me that I had to provide a driver’s license or some other form of state identification. I assured him that I’ve been voting at this location for many years, and this was the first time anyone had ever asked me for i.d.

He assured me that he had been working the polls for at least that many years and voter identification had been required for that time.

I raised my voice a little and assured him that this wasn’t true.

He assured me right back that it was.

People were gathering around the table. I know the republicans have had their little voter fraud fantasy meme going, so I finally took my driver’s license out and showed it to the young guy at the computer, still arguing with the very old white man that it wasn’t needed.

I voted.

I came home and immediately launched a search for voter id laws. Turns out, we were both right.

Michigan enacted a law that took effect in 2007. But you can vote even if you don’t have id. You just need to affirm (as I had done) that you weren’t lying about who you are. Our current fucking republican governor actually vetoed a bill that would have required more proof, not to mention identification for an absentee ballot….one of the very, very few fucking republican governors to do so.

So, the old man was wrong. You can vote in Michigan without a state issued photo id card. Thank dog that is still true.

He was also wrong on his dates…..the law did not take effect until 2007.

What he is wrongest about (and yes, I’m coining a new word) is that any voter id law is going to stop the demographic tide that will render him a minority soon. No amount of “take our country back in November” lawn signs is going to stop that. No amount of harassment at the polls will stop that.

I hope to dog that people of color run this country a little better than the white people have.

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