Frankenstorm: Trick or Treat?

This is going to sound really bad, but I’m taking some pleasure in the fact that Washington DC, New York City, and the States of North and South Carolina are in Frankenstorm’s path.  To the rest of you, my apologies.

Washington DC, where climate change is studiously avoided, where both candidates are proud of the policies that directly contribute to CO2 emissions.  Seriously, if we don’t start right this minute to start doing all of the things we must do, then the wildfires, drought and freakish storms are only going to get a lot worse.  Much, much worse.

Maybe people can’t really appreciate what they haven’t experienced.  Until you experience the terror of living on a planet out of balance, maybe climate change is just too abstract.  For those of us who need no convincing, we’re waiting for the rest of you to WAKE THE FUCK UP!

New York City is the place where money rules.  Money rules politics and policies.  So if Frankenstorm is what it takes, I’m sorry for your losses, but many more may be saved because you finally WAKE THE FUCK UP!

For all of those good legislator’s in North Carolina, who believe they can control every damn thing in the world by writing a law, I hope you enjoy Sandy’s visit.  I threw South Carolina in just because a whole lot of fundie Christians live there…….the ones who are always saying these things are God’s Wrath.  I hope you remember Sandy’s visit.

So, on balance, the lives lost and property destruction left in the storm’s path may all be to the good.  If we get serious, maybe we can avoid crossing the tipping point.  Once we get there, there really isn’t any hope at all for the planet.

Frankenstorm may be our last wake up call.

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3 Responses to Frankenstorm: Trick or Treat?

  1. Gabriel's Horn says:

    Hmmmmm, could God’s wrath and climate change be synonyms?

  2. SprinklinThoughts says:

    I think we’ve already crossed the tipping point.

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