My debate fantasy

(Note:  I have not been able to bring myself to watch the “debates” between the two corporate candidates.  In the following fantasy, both of the candidates are reclined in comfy chairs, having ingested Xanax, and are hooked up to some sodium pentothal. Wouldn’t you love to hear truthful responses to the following questions…..?)


To both candidates:

There are people living in trees in Winnsboro Texas to prevent laying of the Keystone XL pipeline.  They are the humans who will bear the brunt of the inevitable leaks (though many others will die) and they don’t want it on their property.  Do you support the right of a foreign corporation to seize the private property of an American citizen against their will?

To President Obama:

What possible justification is there for the NDAA?  Are there Americans currently in indefinite detention?  If so, who are they and where are they?

To both candidates:

You’re both smart, well-informed people.  So you have to know that the climate science is looking rather scary………methane and ocean acidification are adding to the carbon emissions and we’ve triggered some feedback loops.  People are beginning to use words like “collapse,”  “extinction event” and “Venus syndrome”.  Our lifestyles are going to change, at the least.  What’s the world plan to deal with this new reality?

To Mr. Romney:

You know that 90% of the people who vote Republican are white males.  You also know that in the very near future, whites will be the minority in this country.  So really, isn’t the plan to enable the white males at the top of the food chain to scarf down whatever remaining wealth they can, while they can?

To both:

Do you believe a community (local, city or state) has the right to say no to environmentally destructive practices like mountaintop removal, hydrofracking, or tar sands (to name a few)?

To both:

Some 50% of the American public would like to see marijuana legalized. Would you sign the bill that makes it so?



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1 Response to My debate fantasy

  1. Good questions… would love to hear real answers, but alas, that will not happen.

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