Appealing to California

Dear California Voters,

This is the time of year for political axioms, and one is “as California goes, so goes the nation.”  You have lead the U.S. on several important issues and you’ve got another one in front of you.  How you vote could have serious consequences for the rest of us.

Proposition 37, if passed, will require foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to be labeled.  I will be watching on election night, hoping that you pass this.

Putting a new label on food items won’t make food more expensive.  What it will do (and this is why companies like Cargill, Tyson, Monsanto, DuPont, ad nauseum are spending the big bucks to defeat it) is to actually inform the American public about what they are eating.

If the American public knew (and cared) about what they are eating, they might stop buying food with the GMO label.  That is what the above companies and others are so afraid of… informed consumer.

If Prop 37 passes, the rest of the country stands to benefit.  Because all of these companies care only about profits, they probably won’t go to the expense of creating one label for California and another for the rest of us.

At least, I hope not.

If you, personally, don’t care about GMO labeling and don’t care if you eat genetically modified foods, why, that’s totally groovy with me.  I love that you have that choice.  But see, I do care.  And I live in Michigan.  So, I’m begging you to please pass Prop 37.


A fellow American

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