Keystone must be killed

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed these days.

Our government has gone mad.

In Texas, Eleanor Fairchild was arrested for trespassing on her own property.

A foreign country (Canada) has seized her property via eminent domain for the Keystone XL pipeline.  Ms. Fairchild is 78 years old and does not desire the pipeline on her property so she tried to stop the bulldozers.  She was arrested.

Every time I tell this story, people ask me how a foreign country can seize an American citizen’s property and I have no answer.  We are told from practically the day we are born that private property is sacred and protected. 

There are now people living in trees in Winnsboro Texas to try to protect oak trees from being clearcut for the pipeline.  They are peaceful.  Up until TransCanada officials showed up, the cops weren’t doing a whole lot, but that has changed.

Now peaceful tree sitters are being tortured.  Pepper spray, choke holds, tasers and stress positions are being used against the protesters.

So much for First Amendment rights!

Is there not ONE cop left in America who refuses to violate his or her oath to serve and protect? 

If you don’t have an opinion on the Keystone XL, you should.

Keystone is being built by TransCanada to transport the bitumen extracted from the Tar Sands in Alberta Canada through the US to the Gulf of Mexico for transport elsewhere.  This bitumen is not for US consumption.

The Tar Sands are extremely controversial because they (like fracking) release lots of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.  They also, (like fracking) require tons of water, which is then polluted and must be disposed of somewhere.

I frankly don’t understand how hydrocarbons affect our climate, but what my little brain DOES grasp is that these two processes are going to really screw up our water supply.

Those in the midwest already understand the word “drought”.  Some 39 states are projected to have moderate to severe drought next year as well.  

Human beings can survive for 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food.

Three days without water.

Using life giving, life sustaining water, and then polluting our water supply with the chemical toxins that are the by-product of these processes, is the point where I’m drawing a line in the sand. 

The first phase of the Keystone XL pipeline has leaked 14 times in 2 years. 

A former TransCanada engineer by the name of Evan Vokes has said, “the industry is moving too fast and doesn’t have the people or experience to manage it’s safety systems.”  He points out that engineers have a “duty of care to the public.”  Wow.  Hurray for Mr. Vokes!

Now, Mr. Romney has said he’s going to approve the pipeline “day one” of his presidency.  Mr. Obama will probably too.

So it’s going to be up to us.

If we don’t stop this pipeline, the spills are going to be a real problem.  Let’s remember that the Gulf of Mexico still hasn’t been cleaned up.

Now there is talk of another Tar Sands, this time in Utah, near Moab.

And another pipeline, from Alberta to Portland Maine, by way of the Great Lakes. Sure, let’s pollute Lake Michigan!  Why not?!

Guess who will build this pipeline?  Enbridge!  Yes, the company that brought us the largest onshore oil spill in US history in Kalamazoo Michigan is still cleaning up their mess over 2 years later.  This is the company that has had 161 leaks in 2011 alone.

Frankly, I don’t care if these pipelines provide a million jobs.  They won’t help if we’re all dead because we have no water to drink.

People who are trying to protect the water supply are being tortured for their actions.  Susan Scott, Eleanor Fairchild, Alejandro De La Torre, Shannon Bebe, Benjamin Franklin deserve our thanks and praise.  Some money wouldn’t hurt either.



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4 Responses to Keystone must be killed

  1. chris says:

    are you still not voting? I did sent it in Friday

  2. Nice article. The NYT covered the blockade and did a terrible job. I wrote this in response to their story:

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