Presidential Bullshit

I couldn’t be any less interested in the presidential debates this year.

I can only come up with one scenario that might induce me to watch these meaningless wastes of time.

If Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Rocky Anderson showed up at the debate hall in Denver, with hordes of supporters, demanding to be included in the “democratic process”, that might make the program interesting.

Then we might actually have some meaningful debate about things many of us care about.  Climate change is going to wipe out millions of people that live on islands and coastlines, so I’m pretty sure they might care to hear a variety of ideas to stop it.  Drought is becoming a permanent condition and not even Monsanto’s cancer causing (and FDA approved) GMO seeds will stop that.  Food prices will rise as a result, but neither candidate much cares.

Our police forces have declared an undeclared war on Americans, killing the mentally ill with impunity, arresting those who are legally growing medical marijuana for sick people, and those who have (gasp!) anarchist literature in their homes.  One wonders when the officers will turn on their corporate masters and refuse to be used so baldly.  Probably never.

Criminal financial activities will go undebated, since both of the shills for the corporate one percent see no evil to stop.

Both candidates take the surveillance state as a given, drone warfare is groovy, the NDAA is the law, a bloated military and the increasing use of contractors to spread the war profits around are invisible as far as the two meat puppets of the military/industrial state are concerned.

So, no, I won’t be watching the bread and circus offered up by the ruling class as the acceptable form of democracy.

More sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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1 Response to Presidential Bullshit

  1. Another fool on the hill says:

    Less than 40 days to go before we find out which candidate sold out the most. How sad that we live in a corporatocracy feeding us lies and illusions. I wonder who will win DWTS this season?

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