Kentucky Dreamin’ Part 2

In the orchard area is a small spring.  It bisects the orchard from the path that eventually leads to the home site we’ve selected.

Even after four months of no rain (two years ago), the ground was muddy.  In spring, you can see the water emerging from the ground.  Cattails are growing.  I love that there is a spring there, but it worries me too.  What can I do to protect the critters that live there from our foot traffic?  Should we put a culvert in there?  What’s best for the health of that eco-system?

Walking south on Chickadee Lane to the orchard, is a spring.

So much to learn.

Some of the paths around the property have been named.  The path leading away from the orchard into the interior of the property on the east side is Chickadee Lane.  It meanders northish.  A fork will take you back to the road/driveway to the home site or to the county road.  Haven’t named the fork yet.

From the western edge of the orchard, there is another path, very overgrown, that leads to the bottoms.  The path is called Woodpecker Alley, and I believe it skirts a ravine that is between Chickadee Lane and the Alley.  I’m not sure I’ll ever fully explore that ravine.  I hear a huge copperhead snake resides there.  I don’t like snakes.  The area is so overgrown and scrubby, it could remain a mystery for years.

The bottoms are where the old house and barn are.  We’ve agreed to call the stream a stream, but it is the headwaters for a fork in a river.  At least two creeks feed this, running off of our property.  The barn is on one side of the stream, the house on the other.  I love this area, because there is a waterfall emerging from the rock.  Above the waterfall is a path, leading west, that winds around and under our home site.  We heard and saw two juvenile eagles when we hiked it, so that path is Eagles Path.  Eagles Path is spectacular in that it soars high above the stream, with rocky outcrops.  If you keep heading west, there is another creek that runs through, down to the stream and more property until you reach the national forest.  Terraced and treed and just lovely.


The bottoms waterfall. Above and to the left begins Eagle’s Path. I love this spot.

The hiking is demanding, partly due to terrain, and partly due to the prickly scrub.  Widening and maintaining the paths is one of our top priorities.  I want to put signposts all along them, with a corresponding map.

(I’ve never had a particularly good spatial sense.  This seems to be getting worse with age.)

Listening posts along the paths are also something I’d like to create; using the old barn or house materials, or moving rocks to shady areas; or putting in gazebos.  I imagine sitting and watching and listening and being.

There is limestone and sandstone all over.  I can’t wait to start picking that up to use for a patio (under a pergola) and a fire pit and walls.  I’d love to use some of it for a fireplace inside.

What we don’t have is a name for the property itself.  It deserves something.  I’ve got a whole list of ideas but nothing yet has really captured it.

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