The bird room is hopping.  Lots of sparrows and mourning doves at the moment, but this morning I saw blue jays and cardinals, as well as chickadees.  I love this time of year.

Red wing blackbirds are mostly gone, as well as the starlings and grackles.  Watching the young is interesting, but they are not my favorite birds.  I put out much less feed in the summer now.

The suet is up and I’ll be thrilled when I see Daphne and Darryl again (downy woodpeckers).  Lovely birds, and smart too.

Finches are still around.  The ducks come through in the evening to do a final vacuuming of the ground feeder.

Haven’t seen any robins around lately.  My favorite, the humming bird is still hanging, though.  The trumpet vine in the bird room is done blooming, but I still just heard one buzz through, probably on her way to the nectar off the deck.  Francine got really curious last night.  We’ve had some beautiful weather, so the doors and windows are open.  I heard chirping and buzzing and looked around to see Francine, peering into the door, staring at me or Trotsky.

Trotsky went into a crouch, her ears flattened, the tail started to twitch, and still Francine stared.  She buzzed off, then came back, checking us all out, with Spooky finally catching on and in her crouch.

I could see a cat making painful contact with screen, so I waved my arms around to spook Francine off.  It worked, but I was sad to see her go.  Just us, looking at one another.

And speaking of cool happenings, I saw an owl the other night!  Right here in development hell!  First, I heard it, a soft hoo hoo hoo.  I was out with the dog, and it was a night or two after the full moon.  It hooted again and I was able to site it……..sitting on top of my neighbors chimney…….probably the highest point in the area.  Just sat there, backlit by moonlight, like a postcard.

On the other hand, a skunk was also in the vicinity recently.  The downside of having windows open.  And one of the many, many downsides of living in development hell.  Our environmental practices ensure that we’ll have skunks and Japanese beetles.  The latter are so bad that I’ve given up on trying to keep my rosebushes from being eaten.  I surrender to the homeowners association.  I just want out.

Haven’t seen any frogs lately, but I have spotted a toad outside of the toad abode a couple of times.  Always happy to see them.

I’m really glad we created this little outdoor space.  Hearing the water from the birdbath is soothing.  Watching critters is always interesting to me.  And the seasons pass in this room in ways that are very alive.  I will build another.






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