American Blood

Premise 3 –

Our way of living – industrial civilization – is based on, requires, and would collapse very quickly without persistent and widespread violence.

Premise 10 –

The culture as a whole and most of its members are insane.  The culture is driven by a death urge, an urge to destroy life.*

When I saw my first headline about the massacre in Aurora Colorado, I did not (as the media would have it) feel shock or horror.  My first thought was, “oh, another one.”

I believe the height of hypocrisy is to pretend we are surprised by these events.

This continent is drenched in blood.  Since white people set foot here, they’ve been killing, subjugating and oppressing.

So as you sow, so you shall reap.  What goes around comes around.  For every action, there is a reaction.  Karma is a natural and unavoidable law.

Wikipedia has a nice little list of massacres in America.  I have no confidence that the list is complete, but I counted over 100 of them.  What constitutes a massacre depends upon how you define it, and the victims, so the extirpation of passenger pigeons, for example, is not on the list.  If you included non-humans, there might not be an end.  And massacre is something that happens at a particular moment and is over.  But some massacres are slow moving and on going.  The Trail of Tears, for example, is not on the list, but it surely was a massacre.

I doubt that our gun laws help the situation.  But massacres happen with disease, poison, toxins, with starvation and poverty, with neglect.

This culture kills.  That is what it does.  There is no surprise in this.  While it will be interesting to learn what James Holmes was thinking while he planned his attack, and why he opened fire in a movie theatre (as opposed to, say, US Congress), does it really matter?  Dead is dead.  The wounded are marked.

This country is suffering from some seriously bad juju.  We don’t even talk about our debts, much less try to atone for them.  As Carl Jung said in a different context, “When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.”

This country was founded and built on stolen land, on mass extermination, and with slave labor.  That is bad enough.  But we’ve hidden and denied it and compounded it, adding to our crimes year by year, decade by decade, century by century.

We continue to earn our karma.

*Premises are taken from Endgame by Derrick Jensen.


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