Capitalism for Dummies

I’ve got a couple of very bad habits and one of them is reading the news while I have my morning coffee.  It’s guaranteed to put me into a very bad mood, and yet I do it over and over.  That’s insane, right?

The piece that put me over the edge is Roger Ailes (of FOX “news”) saying that Jon Stewart told him he’s a socialist.

Well, duh.

Are there any clear thinking people left that still love capitalism?

Back in the day, we could point to the Soviet Union and say, “see, communism doesn’t work” and be relatively accurate.  The economic system combined with a closed political system collapsed and deservedly so.

It’s equally true – as we watch the global financial crisis – that unfettered capitalism doesn’t work either.  I’ve long thought that the best argument against capitalism is the drug trade.  There are no limits.  Drug cartels are supplying what the market wants and there aren’t too many regulations dictating how they do it.  As far as I know, the drug trade isn’t despoiling the planet at the same rate as other cartels, but they both leave a trail of bodies behind.

The number one problem with capitalism is that it requires growth.

While the universe may be expanding, it isn’t a fast enough process to benefit the one percent.

Yet, the chief output of the recent G8 conference is to reiterate the growth mantra.

My question is:  How do you have continued economic growth on a finite planet?  We dig, drill, mine, and vacuum up resources – never giving anything back – as if those resources are unlimited, as if there will never be any accounting, as if we are entitled to everything we want, when we want it and there will be no consequences ever.

Doesn’t this strike you as insane behavior?

We simply ignore the consequences we don’t like.  I can’t even list all of them…….asthma, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, blah blah blah…….as long as Pharma and hospitals and our “health care system” makes money, what does it matter?

The weird weather we’re seeing is another consequence and the truly terrifying thing about that is that today’s weather is a consequence of our emissions from 20 years ago.  Since then, emissions have increased.  So what do you think weather will be like in another 20 years?  It’s at these moments of contemplation that I’m really glad I couldn’t have children.  The next generation is so fucked.

Capitalism is the driving force behind our eventual extinction.  Yet, we cling to it like it’s our god.

So if Jon Stewart is a socialist, I just view it as an indicator that he’s still got some sanity left.

The global political leadership on the other hand………

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1 Response to Capitalism for Dummies

  1. O' Canada. says:

    Capitalism is Donald Trump, Exxon Mobil, Bain Capital, JP Morgan Chase, Enron, Ford Motor, GE, and all those other people-loving institutions. I think Dante could invent an 8th level of hell for them.

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