It’s Coming

There are times when I can’t quite swallow down the cold lump of terror that resides in my gut.  I’m very, very afraid that something really bad is coming this summer.

The vertically integrated Ponzi scheme’s pieces are in place.  Corporations own the jails, so the more people arrested or “detained” under the Patriot Act, the NDAA and other laws so thoughtfully passed by our bought and paid for Congress mean big profits.  Police departments have been outfitted by the Department of Homeland Security with all of the latest high tech gadgets of control.

The massive looting of the globe in 2008 hasn’t ended.  The people that enabled it to happen are still in charge of the money so any savings any of us still have could disappear in a puff of smoke at any time.  Nothing at all has changed on Wall Street, thanks to Obama and Congress (with a special thanks to the Supremes for Citizens United).

“Public” land is being auctioned off at a rate of hundreds of thousands of acres at a pop to the oil and gas industries for fracking – unregulated, of course.  So the insurance companies that wrote the health care reform act are poised to make record profits as the peons who drink the water and breathe the air get sick and get to choose between paying for food or paying for meds.

More foreclosures are coming.  More people are out of work or underemployed.  Not that the corporate owned media talks about this stuff anymore.

We can look forward to stronger storms and “weird” weather to complicate the situation.  No one can predict this, of course.  Climate change is a myth.  Just ask the automobile industry, the oil and gas industry, the coal industries, the food industry….the people creating climate change are the most vocal deniers and let’s be absolutely clear……they are aided and abetted by our “representatives.”

The American government is waging war on its own people.

What separates Americans from the rest of the world (like Greece and Spain) is that Americans have guns.  We own a lot of guns.  Unfortunately, Americans don’t agree on who is responsible for our ruin.  The left blames the right, and the right blames the left but that is the biggest myth of all.  The Koch brothers and their ilk claim Obama is a socialist and is a terrible danger to our society and I can’t even write that sentence with a straight face.  As I’ve said before, Obama is Bush 2.0.  He has changed nothing.

The government has no ideology beyond self perpetuation.  It cares not a whit about the people, the public good, the environment, the law, the Constitution, morality, women, children, education or anything else.  It cares about feeding itself.  So it feeds the corporations who’s mission it is to make money regardless of whether or not that is in the public interest.

When we’ve got the best government money can buy, what is left for a citizen?

Marching, petitions, letters, boycotts, all of the non-violent tools open to us (allowed to us) make no difference.  Voting is a joke.  You get to pick between two wholly owned subsidiaries of the One Percent.

I ask again – what is left to the citizen?

It’s going to be a very warm summer.

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2 Responses to It’s Coming

  1. Mad as hell and can't take it anymore. says:

    Praise the lord and pass the ammunition!

  2. ckroft says:

    And the huge disparity between the haves and have nots

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