It’s a miracle!

A fighter jet malfunctions and the Navy tells us it’s a “miracle” because no humans were killed.

You gotta love a religion that encourages this kind of thinking.

On this high holy day in Christianity, I reflect on what the Abrahamic religions have given us.

Dominion.  Original sin.  Patriarchy.  War.  Slavery.  Ignorance.  Hatred.

What a legacy!

Forget the rabbits, the eggs, the unleavened bread.  What this weekend’s celebration should be is a mass Bible burning; a repudiation of all of the ills foisted upon the earth, contained in the worst book ever written.

Whatever our flaws are as a species and as individuals, the Bible acts as a massive amplification system.  The musings of desert wanderers, as translated in the cradle of Western civilization, have somehow been transformed into the literal words of an omniscient, omnipotent creator, either loving or jealous, depending upon which book you’re reading.  So, the Creator is unpredictable, bi-polar, demonstrating a knowledge base not beyond the beginning of the first century CE.

Now, that’s awe inspiring!

The sooner we rid ourselves of the need to believe in the fantastical – and to force others as well – the better off we’ll all be.

I do believe that humans are hard wired for spirituality; the need to believe in something bigger than ourselves.  These needs do not have to evolve into complex, abstract and harmful constructs.  Indigenous peoples everywhere have, and have always had, their own belief systems – nowhere near as destructive as our own creations – and also seem to live, surprise, surprise, sustainably, and in harmony with their surroundings.

Let’s ditch that mean old man in the sky. He’s got too much blood on his hands for me to give him any credence.

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2 Responses to It’s a miracle!

  1. ckroft says:

    And we wouldn’t have to give up chocolate or other stupid things during lent..and be such a miserable pain in the ass to be around for weeks every spring

  2. Off we go into the wild blue yonder... says:

    That mean old man in the sky could just be the pilot ejecting from an undependable, multimillion dollar, piece of shit, technology. God bless the USA.

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