Accountability and Consequences

It seems to me that George Zimmerman made a mistake. He made the mistake of killing Trayvon Martin while not employed by the government, or by a corporation. I thought everyone knew that only the military or one of the above was allowed to kill with impunity.

If you’re the President, you get to kill people using drones or the military or private contractors or the CIA or whomever.

If you’re a CEO of any company, but particularly of an oil company, you’re of course allowed to blow 11 people out of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. It goes without saying that there are no penalties for any wildlife that gets killed….we only count them as “resources” when it suits us.

Governors are allowed to kill people too. Texas and Florida have, I believe, set the standard here.

Others can’t kill people, but they can rape them. Just ask any Roman Catholic.

Or they can steal. Just ask anybody on Wall Street.

Every single organization you point to has blood on their hands. I mean that literally.

And no one seems accountable anymore.

Some of us wanted to see Bush/Cheney prosecuted as the war criminals they are, but President Obama said we had to look forward.

His apologists (Martin Sheen and Gloria Steinem so far) tell us not to look behind the Obama curtain and just re-elect him.

For every action, there is a reaction.

I used to think that being civilized meant curbing our own desires and putting the public good first. I mean, isn’t that quaint? If it was ever true, it isn’t anymore.

We look to our institutions, be they religious, political, social, or whatever, to tell us how to behave. Is anybody in jail? These are all big crimes I’ve listed.

But hey, if you’re slinging vials on a street corner, shit, we’ll lock you up and throw away the key.

The wheels are coming off of civilization. If the big crimes go unpunished, just what do you expect?

It’s like domestic violence. People learn it from each successive generation. Violence has been with us always, of course. The extermination of Native Americans was written into the Declaration of Independence. Violence didn’t start there, even, and it hasn’t ended and it won’t end any time soon.

We used to have leaders that at least said the right things about treating the planet and all of it’s creatures with kindness and respect. They may have been people like Thomas Jefferson – a man who wrote beautifully about equality and freedom from tyranny – and could still, somehow, own slaves.

Now we have leaders that lie with no consequences whatsoever. Leaders that kill. Leaders that rape.

Which is why people are screaming for George Zimmerman’s head on a platter. Goddamnit, someone has to be held accountable for something!

And so it goes.

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1 Response to Accountability and Consequences

  1. igotsomethin says:

    Obama said that Trayvon could have been his son, Too bad he doesn’t see all the people in Iraq and Afghanistan as his kindred. Maybe he would stop killing them. Whatever punishment GZ gets should be multiplied a thousand fold for the current and past presidents of the country and the Wall Street banks.

    Thanks for making this comparison. You nailed it again!

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