A Modest Proposal

To all of the people who object to their tax dollars being used to fund other’s contraception; I feel your pain.

It drives me crazy when I think about how the government uses my hard earned tax dollars.

Subsidies to coal and gas companies would be at the top of the list, along with many of the Defense department purchases.  Added to my delight is funding the NSA to spy upon me and my fellow citizens.

My tax dollars are going to vouchers that allow parents to use what used to be called private education.  In fact, since I have no children, I’m enraged that my tax dollars are being used for something that doesn’t immediately benefit me.

I hate freeloaders, too.  The people that seem to think they deserve a free ride, that they shouldn’t have to earn a payday…….these people are scum.  I’m totally for drug testing every single one of them before they get any handout from the Federal government.

It bugs the shit out of me that these freeloaders feel completely comfortable biting the hand that feeds them – these churches simply won’t stay in their place!  Churches pay no taxes. If that ain’t a free ride, I don’t know what is.

This is a pluralistic country, one with many values and priorities and needs.  Perhaps it’s time for us all to realize that.

So I’m proposing something I like to call designated taxes.

Every five years or so, you get to designate the various buckets your tax dollars go into (like, education, defense, health care, infrastructure and so on) and you could designate the percentage of the dollars for each.  It would be like voting, only relevant.  It’s a far more direct form of democracy than the system currently in place.

You want a government that really reflects your values?  I think designated taxes might do it.

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1 Response to A Modest Proposal

  1. Make taxes meaningful again. says:

    Cool! I’m all for that. I would definitely designate some of my taxes to road repair. I’d rather fix a pothole in the U.S. then create them in some other country.

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