Control and Punishment

I was baptized Catholic and grew up a Catholic. I went to a Catholic school. I hate the Catholic Church.

I hate them because they’ve tortured, raped, killed, burned, extorted, abused and otherwise bullied people since their very beginnings.

I hate them because they aided and abetted the Nazis.

I hate them because they are against condoms in the age of AIDS.

I hate them because they systematically raped and abused children on every continent and no one is serving jail time. I hate them for the cover up.

I hate them because they get a tax free ride.

I hate them because they are one of the richest religions in the world and earned it on the backs of the people they are supposed to be……well, doing whatever it is that religions are supposed to be doing with their “flocks.”

I hate them because they are outraged that finally, birth control pills may be fully covered under insurance plans. I hate them because they have their followers so cowed that no one is calling them out on this.

I hate the Catholic Church because they undermine science. They oppose knowledge. They oppose freedom. I hate them because they hate women.

I hate them because they co-opted the early religions and created lies about where holidays come from.

How is it possible that in 2012, contraception is controversial? Some 98% of Catholics use contraception, yet this Church is dictating what our government can and can’t do. If life begins at conception, isn’t it better to prevent unwanted pregnancies than to have abortions?

The only good thing to come out of this most recent controversy is that all of those “right to lifers” get exposed as the control freaks they really are. Contraception should be basic common ground between the pro-choice groups and the anti-abortion groups. Yet, it is not. Why?

Female sexuality has always scared the living daylights out of men. Men can never be sure of their paternity, and the idea of women being able to choose if or when to bring new life into the world is ceding too much control to a gender that is responsible for original sin and every other made up idea in the world. Women who are free to have sex whenever and with whomever they choose is just not to be tolerated. Hence, the mandate that women must go to term with every pregnancy, regardless of how the woman might feel about it. Control. And punishment, let’s not forget. For if women are going to have sex then they damn well have to live with the consequences.

That’s the right to life agenda. Not stopping abortions but limiting female sexuality. The Catholic Church is the biggest player in this agenda.

Which is yet another reason why I hate them.

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One Response to Control and Punishment

  1. Freeman says:

    Wow! I was tracking you 100% on the sadism that masquerades as the “Roman Catholic Church” and then you shocked me with the gender issue of male fear and control. As a privileged white guy who still gets surprised about his privileged position, I really appreciate the reminder your blog provides. Thanks for continuous wake up calls.

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