In Defense of Women

Two news items have me mad enough to rant.

The first is the firestorm around Gisele Bundchen’s comments after her husband, Tom Brady, and his team were defeated in the Super Bowl.

Gisele Bundchen responded to “fans” shouting things at her in a hallway by defending her husband and is being condemned.

On ProFootballTalk, it is one of the most commented articles, with 220 at last check.

The first comment: “Someone better get control of his woman.”

And, “she wears the pants,” “get back in the kitchen”
“she needs to stay in her place” and my personal favorite “someone better put on leash on her…better yet, a muzzle”.

The better written responses were mostly in support of her. From women, too, I might add. Probably the wives of the idiots who wrote the stupid comments.

Jen Floyd Engel, a FOX sportsperson suggested Gisele “zip it” and went on to explain why so many people hate Gisele. Hint: It’s because she says what she thinks. FOX hates that unless they agree with them.

I don’t know Ms. Bundchen or Mr. Brady or anyone else associated with the story. But I think I would have been pretty intimidated walking that gauntlet of a hallway with “fans” yelling all manner of shit at me and I probably would have said something I would regret, too.

Not too many people have taken the “fans” to task for harassing the wife of a player. That falls under the “boys will be boys” auto forgiveness, apparently. No need for civility or politeness. No. Attack the players wife, by all means. And when she responds in kind, attack her some more. That is our idea of fair play these days.

And the troglodytes comments reflect on both of their tiny little heads.

Which also explains why Karl Lagerfeld feels perfectly comfortable calling Adele “too fat.” It seems like women are born with a large target on our back that says “attack me” for just about anything. Girls are walking around with major body issues because of this kind of idiot spewing his venomous waste. Mr. Lagerfeld, sir, respectfully, please shut the fuck up and go away. You are too old, sir, to continue to take up space. Leave Adele and everyone else alone and go off and have another face lift, get more tan, and be silent.

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