Thoughts, after the Super Bowl

Judging from the Bob Costas interview of Tom Brady, the most controversial thing I’ve said yet is to admit that I’m a Patriots fan.  Bob said that the Pats are the “most reviled” team in the NFL.  As a long time lurker on ProFootballTalk, this does not amaze me.

I learned to love the Pats years ago because they emphasized the team over individuals.  Because they played in unconventional ways.  Because even their star – Brady – would routinely leave money on the table for the good of the team.  That is unheard of in pro sports.

Spygate horrified me.  But apparently not enough to make me a hater.  I still admire the way they play.

I was really looking forward to the game.  I knew it would be close.  I knew it would be a nail biter.  I was right.  The Giants played better and they won and that’s that for this year.

The Super Bowl is supposed to be when the best of the best advertisements are shown.  I was underwhelmed.  I like sick humor a lot, but didn’t it seem like every ad had it?  Is that a sign of the times?

The last half time show that was any good was in 2002 when U2 did a post 9/11 tribute.  Moving but not sappy.  If they were lip syncing, they did a credible job.  Not this year (again).  This show was irrelevant. 

Much as I dislike the Manning brothers (they pout, they blame their teammates), I do admire Olivia and Archie Manning’s choice of names for their kids:  Cooper, Peyton and Eli.  These are just different enough to be interesting, but not so outlandish as to be stupid.

By all accounts I’ve seen, Indianapolis did a great job hosting this event.  Contrast that to the debacle in Dallas.  Gee, it seems like Yankees might know a thing or two about hospitality after all, eh Jerry?  Texas talks big but can’t deliver.  Northerners don’t brag or strut, they just get it done and do it right.

There is always next season.  It starts in the Meadowlands in September and we’ll all be watching to see if the Lions, the 49ers and the Panthers can get it together to make it special.  As for you, Mike Polk Jr., I’m sorry to say that your factory of sadness will overproduce again.

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